Thursday, February 22, 2007


Valentine's Bearistas go on sale

I'm BACK! And i'm late but the Valentine's Day bearistas are on sale now, and that's when I buy them. They go from 14.95 to 6.99. It's a great deal. Remember there's two, the boy and girl. I don't live in an area with lots of special edition bears so please comment on where and when you saw some special edition bears. (bears that are found no where else)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Why is fur in my Mocha?

Of course you've been to Starbucks one time and saw those adoring little bears. Maybe you've even bought one. (At $14.95 US they're cheaper than some other bears.) But have you ever wondered what they REALLY were? Well, BLog can tell you that.

Starbucks "Bearistas" (named after the Barista, the person who makes your cup of joe) are always "on the look out for the next clever costume." The Bearista bears are meant to be for collectors, but they work great with a gift card for a special gift. I have a small collection of bears myself, but I always buy them on clearance.

The Bearista bears have been in Starbucks' since 1997 and many bears have been released since then. Besides the Bearistas released internationally, many local Bearistas have been found in places like New York City (The SPECIAL EDITION "Joe" Taxi Driver Bearista) and Lexington, MA. (Talk about competition there, because Peets Coffee is right next door!)


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Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

Vermont Teddy Bear Co. ( ) is a teddy bear company that's headquarters and factory is in Vermont and is the only place you'll find Vermont Teddy Bears besides the web. They offer tours of the factory and you can make your own bear and fill out it's birth certificate.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory also has coupons for free tours, but you obviously have to rob the bank to buy one of those adoring bears as a souvenir. As they advertise, you can get a "Bear-Gram" which is a jointed bear that is around 15" tall and comes in different colors. It also wears a bow tie, and comes in a box with a special air hole so it can breath. They are meant to be "...An interesting alternative to flowers" and are backed up with their "guaranteed for life" program.

The guaranteed For Life program comes in handy when something happens to your bear. You then send it to the factory and the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Official Teddy Bear MD, Dr.Helen. They have a form to fill out and tell you to ship ANY Vermont Teddy Bear BEAR NAKED!

They also have many other special bears you can order from their website, but all the fun is in going to the factory. It's a great place to go at the end of summer vacation and you won't be disappointed.

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